World’s most livable city 【2018】 Great leap to Osaka 3rd place!

Evaluation criteria for ‘World’s Most Livable City’ ranking

Each year EIU rankings evaluate 30 items in 5 categories for 140 cities worldwide. “Ease of living” is quantified, and top 10 cities are announced at ranking.

◇ Stability (military conflict, threat of terrorism, crime rate, etc.)

◇ Medical (availability / quality etc of medical institutions)

◇ Culture and environment (climate, social and political restraint, development of culture and sports, etc.)

◇ Education (availability, quality etc of educational institutions)

◇ Infrastructure (water, electricity, communications, transportation improvement, etc.)

Top 10 in 2018

First place: Vienna (Austria)

Second place: Melbourne (Australia)

3rd place: Osaka (Japan)

4th place: Calgary (Canada)

5th place: Sydney (Australia)

6th: Vancouver (Canada)

7th place: Tokyo (Japan)

7th place: Toronto (Canada)

9th place: Copenhagen (Denmark)

10th place: Adelaide (Australia)